CODIMEX is a manufacturer of measuring and marking equipment for forestry. Electronic and manual calipers, mobile applications, wood marking tools and wood marking tags that meet the various expectations of our clients. Codimex offers wide reange of products for forestry.

Electronic calipers, manual calipers

Codimex electronic calipers are easy to use and economical measuring devices that work with user smartphone. You can use any smartphone running on the Android operating system. The Codimex electronic calipers has only electronic linearity and Bluetooth communicates with the user’s smartphone on which the selected forest measurement application is installed. The measured results can be sent via the Internet, Bluetooth or a cable to your computer. Codimex offers also manual calipers and specially prepared applications for recording data during measurements.




Forestry applications

The mobile applications offered by Codimex supports wood registration systems and accelerates and facilitates work done with electronic or manual calipers. Data collected and stored in each application can be easily exported to another device (smartphone, tablet, computer) via Bluetooth or email in CSV format. Applications available on  Android OS and in following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian.





Marking tools and wood marking tags

Marking tools and tags included in the CODIMEX wood marking system are designed to meet all users requirements, providing simple, reliable and secure wood marking. 





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