Welcome to the TIS project!

Polish forestry companies and forestry organizations which support the FLEGT idea want to join to the forest law enforcement action. We believe that FLEGT project is one of the most important implementation for sustainable development in forests and forestry. We created TIS Group Poland which has prepared the TIMBER INVENTORY SYSTEM program for everyone who supports the FLEGT idea. Polish foresters and forest friends want to discuss and develop the FLEGT idea and TIS project together with you. We want to bring our small share to the FLEGT project and we believe that together with you we will build a very useful tool for FLEGT actions.



TIS Group Poland

The TIS Group Poland is informal organization which brings together two
companies and one non-governmental organization. They are:

Taxus IT - GIS and Environment

TAXUS IT Ltd. ‐ universal and local IT system for forestry and hunting and mobile applications
Head: Mr. Adam Konieczny

Codimex - forestry equipment

CODIMEX Ltd. – wood and tree measuring, marking equipment and mobile applications for forestry
Head: Mr. Andrzej Kawalec

Institute of Geodesy and Cartography

Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (IGIK) – is a research institute conducting research in the field of geodesy, cartography, aerial and satellite remote sensing and GIS
Head: Mrs. Agata Hościło

Forest Friends Association

FOREST FRIENDS ASSOCIATION – forest education, human resources education and staff training
Head: Prof. Tomasz Borecki

Faculty of Forestry Warsaw University of Life Science

Verification of the system in local forests. Human resources education and training.
Head: Mr. Michał Orzechowski


The TIS Group Poland is looking for partners in existing and applying to the VPA countries
International Organizations. We want to develop the TIS project together with the new partners.
Welcome to the TIS Group !